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Fall 2022 Charity Auction (Phish posters and tickets)

Monday, October 10, 2022

The Mimi Fishman Foundation just launched a new online charity auction.  This time around the auction features signed Phish posters from various Spring/Summer 2022 shows.  All posters are numbered and signed by the band.  In addition, the auction features ticket packages for Phish’s 2022 Madison Square Garden New Years run.  All proceeds from the ticket packages will go directly to the WaterWheel Foundation, while the proceeds from the posters will be distributed to various charities supported by the Mimi Fishman Foundation.
Bidding ends November 2

Mimi Fishman Foundation Donates to Kentucky Flood Animal Rescues

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

The Mimi Fishman Foundation issues a $2,000 grant to the Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter to help with the costs of caring for animals rescued from the area's recent flooding.

Last Minute WaterWheel Foundation Charity Auction - Phish Travel/Ticket Packages

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Just put up for bid are two very tasty Phish ticket/travel packages.  One for Atlantic City, the other for Dick's Sporting Goods Park.  All proceeds to WaterWheel Foundation. 
The AC package included a pair of coveted Foundation tickets.  Dick's includes GA Field.
Hotel included for both - plus more!  
Note: Travel to/from Atlantic City and Denver are not included.
Check it out!

Phish 2022 Spring/Summer Tour Ticket Online Charity Auction

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Phish 2022 Spring/Summer Tour Ticket Online Charity Auction
The Mimi Fishman Foundation is once again hosting a WaterWheel Foundation on-line charity auction.  The auction features tickets for Phish’s 2022 Spring/Summer tour.    Included are upgraded “Foundation” tickets for each of the Atlantic City dates.  The auction is now available for bidding and comes to a conclusion April 28, 2022.  
The auction can be found at http://www.mimifishman.org/auction/browse/featured

Phish 2021 Fall Tour Signed Poster Online Charity Auction is Live

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Phish 2021 Fall Tour Signed Poster Online Charity Auction is Live

The Mimi Fishman Foundation just launched their first auction of 2022.  This time around it’s a Phish signed poster charity auction featuring 2021 Fall tour show posters.  All posters are numbered and signed by the band.  Bidding ends February 24.

Auction items can be found at http://www.mimifishman.org/auction/browse/featured



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