Mimi Fishman Foundation Launches 1st 2017 Charity Auction

Saturday, January 7th, 2017

The Mimi Fishman Foundation has launched their first on-line charity auction of 2017.  This time around the Foundation offers drum heads of various sizes used during Phish 2016 shows.    Each head is labeled for date/show and also signed by Phish drummer Jon Fishman.  Included are heads from Wrigley Field and Mexico. 
In addition to the heads the auction also features Jon’s recently retired wood block.  The block remained on Jon’s Phish drum kit from early 2000 until September 2016 when it was replaced after the Dick’s Sporting Goods Park gigs.  The blocks are featured in several Phish songs including Antelope, Oh Kee Pa Ceremony, Walls of the Cave, and Glide.
The auction can be found at http://auction.mimifishman.org/